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Pie Man - Logo Design

Project Type

Brand Identity, Logo Design, Brand


June 2021


PROJECT/PURPOSE: The project aims to create a logo that Pie Man will use to help brand his business. Possibly as his business evolves, the logo will grow with him and continue to be used as part of his complete brand identity for business cards, packaging, accessories, and more.

Pie Man is attracted to bright colors and minimalistic designs. He wants the logo (or logotype) to be straightforward, clear, and legible. He also wants to avoid decorative typefaces, complex shapes or forms, and unnecessary colors that might make the design look busy.

The Upgrade

During the revision of this app, I practiced with a new tool called Figma. It was a fun learning experience and an excellent way to exercise more UI/UX skill sets. Mainly what was a major change was the interface of the app. I wanted it to look fitting for a college student. A style that was clean, customizable, and vibrant. Something that a student could make their own.

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